1. Naked or unclothed
2. Permitting or featuring full exposure of the body – nudity. (From the Latin – nudus)

Operating as a brothel between 1967 and 1974, these premises served up more than just good food and cold beer. This room holds many secrets from sordid to sultry, sweet and sad. Whatever the tale there are lessons to be learnt on life, love and lust. If only these walls could talk…
So in memory of the clandestine who crept silently and secretly up these stairs, we welcome you to (Nude)

Located upstairs, at the iconic Australian Youth Hotel, (Nude) today plays host to fantastic functions and memorable experiences, week-in, week-out. Perfect for the largest of birthday parties, staff celebrations, or just that intimate gathering - and with professional service, fabulous food & beverages and an array of facilities - there is sure to be a space within (Nude) to suit your next occasion.