Immediately at the top of the stairs, the largest area of the (Nude) bar – Nude Lounge features an array of Victorian-style furniture and showcases the essence of (Nude) with a stunning collection of elegant artworks.

Located adjacent to the bar, at the corner of the building, The Midriff features comfortable Chesterfield leather lounges, huge brass antique mirrors and an extension of the (Nude) art collection.

At the rear of the (Nude) Bar, the Pool Parlour features funky retro lounges, a coin operated pool table, a 48-in-1 arcade machine and is our most secluded area.

For the ultimate (Nude) experience, you can reserve the entire floor, allowing you and your guests exclusive use of all that (Nude) has to offer. Ideal for larger groups, or just when you need the whole floor to yourself, Nude Private.